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    Site Address

  • Marina de Palenque Beach Resort, S.A.
    (MAPABER, S.A.)
    Palenque Beach / Najayo Beach
    San Cristobál, Dominican Republic


  • Miguel Acevedo Coll, Engineer
    Sales and Promotions
    (787) 636-5353 (in Puerto Rico)
    (809) 352-5353 (in the Dominican Republic)

  • Sharonie Bermúdez, license 15168
    Industrial and Tourist Real Estate P.R.
    (787) 381-5305 (in Puerto Rico)

  • Luis Alberto Chardón
    (787) 397-2770 (in Puerto Rico)
    (809) 880-6156 (in the Dominican Republic)


  • "The artistic representations of the Marina de Palenque Beach Resort found on this website are subject to modifications and/or changes by the developer and/or promoter in order to adhere to construction codes, standards, and/or regulations in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, or should any relevant factor that would justify such modifications and/or changes develop."